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 Terms and conditions of meeting room hire. 

B24 café’s meeting room is available for hire for commercial or personal. There are conditions of use which these Standard Terms and Conditions set out. 

All bookings made by persons in respect of the meeting room at B24 cafe are accepted by B24 cafe upon the following Terms and Conditions, which shall form the contract between B24 cafe and the Hirer. 

1. In these terms and conditions:  
(i) "Meeting Room" refers to the Meeting Room available to be booked through the online booking system.  
(ii) "Management" means the Management of B24 cafe  
(iii) "Hirer" means any person, persons or representative of the organisation named in a room booking invoiced by the B24 cafe 

Use of Rooms 
Use of the Room is by permission of B24 café, who reserve the right to refuse any booking or admission at their discretion.  

Cancellation by B24 cafe 
B24 cafe reserves the right to cancel the booking forthwith and without any liability on its part in the event of the Hirer failing to perform any of the obligations contained within these terms and conditions  

If for any reason beyond its control including, but not limited to strike, labour dispute, accident, act of war, act of God, fire, flood or other emergency condition, B24 cafe is unable to perform its obligations in connection with any booking, such non- performance is excused and B24 cafe may terminate this contract without further liability of any nature, upon re-imbursement of any sums paid by the Hirer. In no event, shall the B24 cafe be liable for consequential damages of any nature for any reason whatsoever. 

Cancellation by the Hirer 
The Hirer may cancel a Room hire booking by giving notice in writing. In the event that the Hirer cancels a Room hire booking, B24 cafe reserves the right to impose cancellation charges as follows:  
(i) A 25% cancellation fee will be charged if more than 7 days' notice is given for the cancellation of a meeting.  
(ii) Anything under 7 days’ notice prior to the commencement of the meeting a 100% cancellation fee will be charged.  
The Hirer is in breach of this contract if:  
(i) They fail to pay to B24 cafe any sum of money payable to B24 cafe on the due date  
(ii) Room usage by the Hirer other than in accordance with the specified terms of this contract. 

B24 café does not permit the Hirer to bring their own refreshments on site under any conditions. 
The Hirer leaves the room tidy and puts all rubbish in the bin(s) provided. 

Hours of use 
The hire charges quoted relate to the times of the hire duration declared at the time of booking. Room usage which continues beyond these times will incur additional hire charges. Meeting rooms are charged at 30min minimum intervals unless a full day rate is applicable.  

Other Points 
B24 cafe operates a no-smoking policy throughout its property.  

Permission is required for all photographs, filming and video-recording within B24 café premises.  

The Hirer shall not sub-let the hired room. 

An additional discretionary fee of £50 will be charged to the hirer if the room is not left in the same state as at the commencement of hire period or is deemed, by B24 cafe management team, to be in an unfit state for the next booking. 

Damage to B24 cafe property and items not permitted in Room. 
The Hirer shall take all reasonable precautions to ensure that no damage occurs to the property of B24 cafe or its employees. Furniture and equipment provided should be used only for the purpose for which it was designed. In the event of any damage occurring, B24 cafe reserves the right to render the Hirer liable for the replacement or repair of any or all property damaged.  
The Hirer shall ensure that nothing is fixed to the floors, walls, ceilings or any other interior or exterior of the buildings by means of nails, screws, drawing pins, blue tack, glue or any other means unless agreed in writing with the Management team prior to the hire period. 

B24 cafe accepts no responsibility for any hired equipment or meeting room equipment provided by, for, or on behalf of the Hirer, left unattended prior to, during, or after the function 
B24 cafe cannot accept responsibility for any items lost or mislaid on the premises.  
All items stored are at the Hirer's risk.  
Any items not collected within 24 hours of the end of the meeting will be disposed of unless prior arrangements have been made. Items stored outside these times may incur additional charges. 

Insurance of property of Hirer and Hirers guests 
The Hirer acknowledges that any such objects, equipment, furniture, stock, or other property of any sort will remain under the control and care of the Hirer and/ or guests and the Hirer is responsible for insuring such property and accordingly the B24 cafe excludes liability for losses. 

The Hirer shall ensure that the event for which the Room is used is conducted in an orderly fashion without causing a nuisance and in full compliance with the directives and requirements of Management and with all applicable law’s ordinances and regulations. 

Right to Exclude or Eject Persons 
B24 cafe reserves the right, as it considers reasonable, to exclude or eject, any persons from the Room or the premises of the B24 cafe whom it shall consider objectionable (including any engaged by the Hirer) and the Hirer will be liable for any liability arising thereby save where the Hirer establishes negligence or bad faith by B24 cafe. 

Data Protection Act 
The details of the Hirer or, where different, the Client will be held by B24 cafe on its computer database for use by its accounts department for maintaining proper records. It will not be passed onto any third parties. 

26. Payment to B24 cafe for meeting room hire and catering orders must be made by BACs upon receipt of the invoice issued for these services. 

While we can recommend suitable spaces for different types of meeting, the hirer is ultimately responsible for the final say in which space they deem suitable for their delegates safety in terms of social distancing. The hirer is responsible for adhering to the government guidlines and their own risk assessments in relation to the pandemic.  

The hirer must give distance between themselves and the B24 cafe team members helping them with their meeting or event to ensure the safety of the team looking after them.